Family medicine is the main primary care medical specialty in Canada. It focuses care on the individual within the context of the family and the community.

While family medicine may seem the most “general” of the specialties, it is in fact, a precise discipline, integrating a unique blend of biomedical, behavioural and social sciences, while employing a diverse range of cognitive and procedural skills. The family physician is often called upon to deal with undifferentiated clinical problems presenting at an early stage. In addition to acute disorders, which are sometimes life - threatening, there is a high frequency of chronic diseases, emotional problems and transient illnesses. Family physicians deliver care across a wide spectrum of settings, including their offices, hospital, long-term and other health care facilities and the patient’s home. The close, long-term physician-patient relationship that is established, the diversity in the work and the variety of practice opportunities offered by family medicine are some of the main factors that attract physicians to this specialty.

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We are a group of college certified family physicians providing comprehensive primary care to our rostered patients.

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